Up! Fair quick re-cap

First of all a HUGE thanks to the organizers of the Up! Fair (Sara Turner, Jerzy Drozd, Anne Drozd, Mark Rudolph, Shawn Robare, Carrie Robare and Kevin Cross) for putting together an AMAZING event!Friday Nov. 19th was the Up! Fair gallery event which was followed by a party where we got to draw on the walls. I had an awesome time hanging out and getting to know some of the other artists.Saturday Nov. 19th was a super busy day, but a lot of fun.  I split my time between watching my table, checking out everybody else’s tables, attending workshops and leading my own workshop on making mini comics. I ended up getting a couple great DVDs of Jim Lujan’s Ghettomation and a book  by  J.T. Dockery called “In Tongues Illustrated” along with a bag full of comics donated by the Up! Fair organizers and artists!That’s the short re-cap.  There is so much more that happened and it was over way too fast. I really hope that they put together a 2011 Up! Fair!Since I completely forgot to take pictures, here are some links from some other people that did:Up Fair Photos from Chuck MooreUp Fair Photos from Holly MahaffeyUp Fair Photos from Shawn and Carrie RobareUp Fair Photos from Sara and Brian Turner 

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